Self Care Workshops

All of our experiential workshops are designed to give you the tools and the knowledge to take these revolutionary techniques with you wherever you go, empowering you to evolve. Each workshop has a "Pilates toy" that we play with in the workshop. From foam rollers to magic circles, take home a toy and a manual so you can continue your practice at home. 


Relieve Tension in the Hip Flexors - A step by step guide

Low back pain? Tight hips? Sit too much at your job? Psoas  is a deep hip flexor muscle is often the culprit to chronic pain. An overly tight psoas can often result in poor and dangerous postural patterns. Learn how to stretch and release your hip flexors correctly and learn how to find the dynamic support of the deep abdominals to support the spine. Increase your range of motion, relieve low back pain, improve posture and increase performance. 

Foot Fitness

The foundation for your body, if your feet are weak your entire body and your body's overall performance is affected. In this foot fitness workshop, learn Pilates based exercises, and fascial release techniques you can practice at home to develop a strong, healthy foundation for your body. This workshop focuses on developing strong, flexible and healthy feet. You will receive a manual with pictures and descriptions of the exercises you will learn as well as some fun Pilates Props to take home with you. 



Foam Rolling Techniques

Learn a foam rolling routine for home. Tweak the exercises you are dong and learn new ones! Learn to use a foam roller for Myo-Facsial release as well and strengthen your core with Pilates based exercises. You will receive a manual with pictures and descriptions of all the exercises you learn so you can practice at home.

Release Your Neck and Shoulders

Sitting at a desk all day? Stressed out with hectic schedules and tight deadlines? Carrying all that tension is a lot of work! Time to unload all of that baggage! Using Yoga, Pilates and Body Rolling techniques, learn how to release overly tight muscles and learn how to connect the muscles that will stabilize and support all of the new found space you have created. You will receive an manual with pictures and descriptions you can take home with you to practice and maintain your tension free neck, shoulders and upper back. Peanuts will be for sale at the workshop.

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Happy Hips 

Your hips will love you for this! use soft myofascial release balls so stretch out your glutes and hip flexors. The first half of this workshop will be spent releasing and stretching tight hips. The second half is spent on strengthening exercises. You will:

  •     Strengthen and stretch your lateral hip muscles
  •     Stretch, release and strengthen tight hip flexors
  •     Increase performance
  •     Achieve better posture
  •     Relieve low back, knee and hip pain
  •     Gain power and mobility

Pilates Home Program

In a fun Pilates workout, learn a Pilates mat routine that you can practice at home. Learn proper technique from a professional to be sure you are getting the best out of your home Pilates practice. Full 45 min video available for purchase the day of the workshop.



Perfect your Posture the Pilates way

Discover how to bring your body into the best possible alignment. Understand where your imbalances are, and then learn how to fix them. Learn stretches, release techniques and strengthening exercises to correct your posture. Improve the way you stand, and how you move in your everyday life.  

Fletcher Pilates Workshop

This Fletcher Pilates Workshop is the perfect introduction to the Fletcher lineage of the Pilates method. This workshop begins with the art of breathing – Fletcher style – followed by a complete movement class featuring the Fletcher Towelwork®, Floorwork® and Barrework™ techniques.

This ideal educational workshop provides an exhilarating introduction to the Fletcher Pilates® lineage as it has evolved from the source into a unique body of work. You’ll receive a terrific workout in the process!


Pilates Magic Circle Workshop

Includes registration and manual. Magic Circles available for purchase at the workshop. Learn how to use the versatile Pilates Magic circle in this fun workout. This full body workout will challenge your core as we focus on strength and flexibility. Expect to be challenged as we tone and strengthen your entire body.

Do you have a group that you would like to share one or all of these workshops with? A sports team? A group of over worked, over stressed staff? Corporate and team packages are available. We can come to you!