The Pilates Chair


The Pilates chair—or “Wunda Chair” as Joseph Pilates called it, is one of the most challenging pieces of Pilates equipment. Originally designed by Joe for his clients with small New York city apartments to have a versatile exercise apparatus so they could practice Pilates all the time at home.

The Pilates Chair is perfect for building core stability, upper-body strength and lower-body power to improve performance in athletes, retrain the body after injury and increase overall physical conditioning.


These MADE IN CANADA hand crafted Pilates Chairs are now available at an affordable price for you to practice Pilates at home. To ensure you have the safest and most effective experience on your new Pilates chair, it is strongly recommended you take at least 4 private Pilates sessions in the studio. You will learn all about your new chair, the Pilates method and chair exercises that are best for your body’s needs.



The Pilates Chair is safe, sturdy, easy to use and fun!  There are 3 positions for the springs, allowing you to make exercises easier or harder depending on your spring tension. The Pilates Chair is sturdy, from premium baltic birch with a satin finish. The extension springs are nickel coated and manufactured to maintain their tension and last for years.


At $1089.00 CAD, Pilates Chairs are affordably priced so everyone can have a Pilates chair in their home as Joseph Pilates intended. Price does not include taxes or shipping.


Using both teacher's and client's feedback, this unique design has been adapted over years of experience on the Pilates Chair. The foot pedal, the easy access to the spring attachments and the design of the chair seat have all been meticulously and purposefully thought out and designed. 


Upholstery is standard black for the foot pedal and the seat. Other colors are available at an extra cost. Personalized videos can also be made, detailing step by step instructions to the movements, exercise sequences and cues in the Pilates Chair repertoire that are suitable for your body.

Shalene was very helpful in walking me through the different possibilities and designs for the Wunda Chair. The chair was constructed well and upholstered beautifully. Going through Evolve Pilates was such an easy process and it was a huge benefit not to have to deal with international companies or shipping.

Natasha Wilson, BKin, Pma Certified, B2P Pilates and Athletics