Initial Pilates Private Session



Every body is different, with it's own unique patterns and unique history. If you are new to Pilates, the new equipment can often be a bit intimidating. When you come to Evolve Pilates Therapy for the first time you can expect to be warmly welcomed and be made to feel at ease.

In your first one-on-one session, your teacher will go through a brief assessment. You will explore where you are sitting structurally, discuss past injuries, what your needs are, as well as your goals. We want you to get the most out of your Pilates journey by building your personal Pilates program one step at a time. After a brief assessment you will be introduced to how to "connect your core" and the "Pilates breath" and how to coordinate the two together. Starting with this fundamental connection ensures you will get the most out of your future classes or privates. Whatever path you choose, group classes, privates, or a mixture of the two, starting with fundamentals is the very best way to begin and will guarantee big rewards later. 

Thank you for helping this aging body keep relatively fit all these years. Your kindness and patience, especially when I am trying to learn new skills is very much appreciated
— Ross