Personalized Home Programs

Do you... 

  • Have a challenging schedule that makes it difficult to come to regular Privates or classes? 
  • Want to practice at home but can't remember what you did in class?
  • Have equipment at home and want to know what to do with it?
  • Live out of town and can't make it in regularly?
  • Travel a lot?
  • Have an injury, muscle imbalance, or structural alignment issue that requires daily exercises and/or release techniques?
  • Want a stronger core and need a daily routine to follow?
  • Want home exercises to evolve and change as you evolve and change?


The Process...

Sign up for a Pilates Private Session and during your private session, you will learn exercises specifically chosen for your unique body and your unique goals that can be practiced at home. After your session your teacher will put together a detailed home program for you. Your video program will contain all of the Pilates exercises that you learned in your Private session as well as personalized release, breathing and stretching techniques. Expect to receive your detailed video home program via email within 48 hours after your Private session.



Your Evolving Body...

Good functional movement requires you give attention to what your body needs daily. Your body is changing every day, minute by minute. If you ignore your body's intuition and not notice what it needs, your body will evolve, just maybe not in the direction it needs to. You will be amazed at your body's amazing ability to adapt. It will adapt quite quickly as your get stronger, more connected and as muscle memory is established. Things that were once challenging over time become easier. This does not mean that you have graduated from movement and do not need to pay attention to what your body needs anymore. This only means that your body has changed and adapted. Perfect. Time to adapt your home program. New challenge! If you are practicing your home program often, your home program should evolve every couple of months as your body evolves. 

Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate success of any endeavour
— Joseph Pilates