Evolve Pilates Therapy Group Classes

Lakeview Movement Center, 6628 Crowchild Trail SW #201, Calgary, AB T3E 5R8


Mondays - All Levels - 2pm and 6pm

Wednesdays - All Levels 2pm

Fridays - All Levels 1pm

Pilates classes are designed to have you experience the intelligence, fun, and genius of the Pilates mat and equipment work. Classes will challenge beginners to seasoned Pilates practitioners. Expect to use Pilates equipment like the Universal Reformer, Cadillac, Spine Corrector, Wunda Chair as well as a variety of Pilates props in a class. Expect to work hard, meet our fantastic Pilates community and have a lot of fun. 

We limit our classes sizes to 6 people. This ensures you get the individual cueing and attention your body deserves. Starting with our "ABC's, we work on skill building as each person progresses at their own rate. 

Club Pilates (Royal Oak) Group Classes

8650 112 Ave. NW, #4104, Calgary, AB T3R 0R5


cp Reformer Flow 1 - 9:00 aM

Intro - 10:00 am

CP SUspend 1.5 - 11:00 AM

Cp Reformer flow - 1.5 12:00 pm


cp Reformer Flow 1.5 - 4:30 pM

cp Reformer Flow 1 - 5:30 pM

cp Cardio Sculpt Level 1.5 - 6:30pm

Cp Center and Balance - 7:30pm



cp Reformer Flow 1 - 6:30 aM

cp Reformer Flow 1.5 - 7:30 AM

Cp Control - 8:30 am

cp Cardio Sculpt Level 1.5 - 9:30 am

You have made such a big difference to me and my body. Your classes are very empowering. Thank you for your skill and encouragement
— Elizabeth